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Our Biggest Player

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Creating a new way to advertise!

We feel online advertising needs a new platform. Social media, pay per click, ad-words, these are all great, but they are very transactional. We want to create a platform that enhances brand reinforcement and compliments these campaigns. When the page is sold we will continue to drive traffic to it so that its not a ‘one hit wonder’ and your brand derives true value from its purchase. Spaces are limited, no squares are going to be added so once its sold its sold.

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Connecting People and Businesses Together

For a single one off payment a business or individual can buy space on our page as big or small as they like. You then get to upload an image of your choice that links to anywhere you want it to go. Your website, social media pages, your shop? The choice is yours! Your image then remains on our page forever! Amazing right? No recurring payments, no cost per click advertising, just one payment to showcase your company or your work in this amazing and unique space.

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Helping raise awareness of charities and social enterprises

There are so many amazing people trying to improve the world. However, theses causes can get lost online behind the wall of internet noise. We want to help give these people a voice. Whether it’s helping reduce homelessness, solving an environmental issue in your area or funding someones medical treatment, we want to give you a platform to raise awareness of your case. That’s why we have allocated 1,000 of our squares for good causes free of charge. Get in contact with us and we can help raise awareness of what really matters to you.